Curso Online de Inglés C1 – 2019

Curso Online de Inglés C1 – 2019


Capacitar al alumnado para utilizar el idioma con flexibilidad, eficacia y precisión para participar en todo tipo de situaciones, en los ámbitos personal, público, académico y profesional, que requieran comprender, producir y procesar textos orales y escritos extensos y complejos, en diversas variedades estándar de la lengua, con un repertorio léxico amplio, y que versen sobre temas tanto abstractos como concretos, incluso aquellos con los que el hablante no esté familiarizado.

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Inside your head
Expressing feelings
Life stages
Future tense review
Phrasal verbs on relationships

The dead of Winter
Natural processes
Other conditional structures
Commonly confused words

In the middle of nowhere
Movement phrasal verbs
Idioms related to position
“Go”,  “come” and “stand”

At your leisure
Phrasal verbs on leisure time
Leisure’, ‘rest’ and ‘play’
Idioms related to free time

If fits like a glove
Clothes Idioms
Design and materials in the fashion industry
‘Brain’, ‘impression’ and ‘new’
The human body

Art in your life
Inversion with adverbial expressions.
Visual art.
Other kinds of inversions: Neither do I, so did you.
Idioms with art words.
Adding emphasis: Cleft sentences.
Word formation with the word “art”.
Do/did for emotive or contrastive emphasis.
On “art quality”

Notes and spare change
Ellipsis: reduced infinitives.
Word formation of “pay” and idioms.
Ellipsis: omission of the main verb after a modal or auxiliary verb.
Money matters.
Clauses: defining and non-defining clauses.
Money sayings.
Participle Clauses.
Deadly money disorders

Caught red-handed
Reported speech and reporting verbs.
Crime and Justice, Reported questions, imperatives, requests and passive.
Law and power idioms.
The subjunctive.
Word formation: moral, power, govern.
Fixed subjunctive expressions and alternatives to subjunctive.
Idioms with ‘word’

Well-oiled machine
‘Seem’ and ‘appear’.
Linking clauses of reason and result.
Quality control Linking clauses of purpose.
Technology idioms.
Infinitives, -ing forms and verb patterns
Collocations on “purpose”, “energy”, “date”.

Breaking news!
Linking words and expressions.
Miscellaneous media vocabulary.
Punctuation, spelling and most common mistakes.
Giving and withholding information.
Patterns on “discussion”.
British and American English grammar and usage.
Slang terminology in Social Media